Lesotho and South Africa will on Sunday commemorate the 1982 Maseru Massacre. They’ll stage a 10 kilometre race to pay homage to the 30 African National Congress (ANC) cadres and 12 Lesotho nationals who were murdered by the Apartheid Regime.

Le Rona re Batho which means ‘We are human too’, the Regalia being unveiled to honour those who lost their lives 36 years ago.

This is a horrific incident that tore families apart and left many without parents.

Maseru massacre victim Rebatho Mdlankomo says, “Eish…my life! I was born on the 6th, three days later my dad is gone, killed in the Maseru massacre. I’m left with my mom, struggled to survive this life until we went to exile but, before that, it was the toughest thing ever. She was crushed when he died.”

Many victims feel abandoned and hopeless.

Another Massacre victim Limakatso Mazala says, “There is no one who came to us or called us as to who we feel, how are we and, financially, I’m getting a special pension, I’m getting special pension…and I’m angry that my daughter is not working, and every time we go to offices, there is no one to help us that is making me so angry.

The South African High Commission says more needs to be done to help.

Lesotho Deputy High Commissioner, Ellion Von Wiellligh says, “What’s very important about his coming Sunday is people to people interactions, which from the commissions perspective was the best way of conveying history to younger generation of what transpired.”

The Maseru Massacre Race will celebrate the spirit of the fallen heroes and recognise their contribution to South Africa’s freedom struggle.

The race will be held on Sunday and will pass through several iconic sites.