Lesotho Minister condemns Rustenburg’s ethnic killings

Lesotho's Home Affairs Minister Tsukutla Au
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Lesotho’s Home Affairs Minister Tsukutla Au has condemned ethnic clashes at Sondela informal settlement in Rustenburg in the North West province that has left 11 people dead amongst them BaSotho nationals.

Fear is still gripping locals, with many having fled the area following the clashes that have affected the Xhosas as well.

Some of the victims were killed allegedly by placing a tire around their neck and then set alight.

Speaking at an event of the rights of BaSotho in Rustenburg, the minister says both South Africa and Lesotho must do more to attend to the matter.

“We are neighbours. We have to see to it that we live harmoniously. Whatever that is causing conflicts, we must deal with it as quickly as possible in liaison with the Republic of South Africa. We condemn those killings. It can never be appropriate that people are killing each other. We condemn the killings.”

The BaSotho nationals living in Rustenburg have expressed shock at the brutal killings and want South African government to speedily intervene.

North West Premier, Job Mokgoro, says, his government has deployed all resources to this troubled area.

Meanwhile three of the 9 suspects arrested for the killings are expected to make first appearance in court this morning. Others will re-appear on Thursday and Friday this week. The area is calm – but tense as people continue with their lives under extreme fear.