The harsh economic times born of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have led to a significant economic meltdown. The Lesotho mining and manufacturing sector is hit the hardest, with many already sending warnings letters of retrenchments.

While many companies have extended a helping hand to mitigate the devastating economic meltdown, some have regrettably resorted to extreme measures.

In the video below, Lesotho goes into lockdown despite no known cases of COVID-19. 

The usually congested city of Maseru has come to a halt. The rapid economic inactivity is hitting hard on various sectors.

Not too long ago, a pioneering cannabis plant was rolling out massive expansion plans, but hardly a month into lockdown, it is sending out retrenchment letters; a measure that has attracted some criticism.

While government has laid out measures to cushion the economic meltdown, there will be far-reaching consequences.

Thabo Khasipe, Commissioner General of the Lesotho Revenue Authority, says this crisis might just present new opportunities to some.

While Lesotho has not yet engaged in massive COVID-19 tests, all the suspected cases have turned out positive.

Many of the estimated 97 000 Basotho, that were recorded to have come home from South Africa, are likely to have come back to villages such as Ha-Dinizulu which are less populated and social distancing almost happens naturally.