Lesotho election results streaming in at fast pace

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The Kingdom of Lesotho’s election results is moving at a relatively fast pace.  Already, 31 out of 80 results have been announced, with a probability of the 50% mark being crossed on the second day.

If the established pattern is anything to go by, the new arrival Revolution For Prosperity (RFP) looks set for a landslide victory.

In his party launch, the leader and business tycoon Sam Matekane said he is ready to do in five years what has not been done in 20 years.

The campaign season has come and gone. The parties left nothing to chance in wooing supporters to their side.

Lesotho election results already trickling in: Rapelang Radebe

The Democratic Congress (DC) promised stability, while the All Basotho Convention (ABC) vowed to tackle poverty.

It is the RFP that seems to have won the hearts of Basotho. They have thus far taken 30/31 of the counted results, and are looking set for a landslide victory if they are to implement their manifesto.

“My main stuff is what Basotho wants, it’s the street lights,” says Matekane, RFP leader.

While the results are relatively moving with speed, the electoral body IEC is allowed by law up to seven days to declare the winner.