Lesotho congratulates SA for 25 years of democracy

Lesego Makgothi
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Kingdom of Lesotho has congratulated the Republic of South Africa on its 25th year attainment of Democracy. South African High Commission has invited ordinary Basotho and other friends of South Africa for the annual celebrations of Freedom Day.

Lesotho Foreign Affairs Minister, Lesego Makgothi also wished President Cyril Ramaphosa well in his election campaign.

Ordinary Basotho, friends and dignitaries gathered together to congratulate South Africa on its silver jubilee independence celebration.

Lesotho is among frontline member states that played a key role in aiding South Africa attain its freedom. Makgothi echoes that true freedom must include freedom of movement.

“This freedom of people, goods and services is an idea that we must strive for; not only between our two countries, but with South African customs union and South African development community and the entire continent.”

The High Commission also invited representation from ordinary Basotho to hear how best the ties between the two countries can be improved through shared knowledge.

Guest Bokang Mohajane says Lesotho and South Africa are unique and symbiotic neighbours.

“Geographically, culturally, socially and economically; Lesotho and South Africa are unique and symbiotic neighbours. For example; Mofolo in Soweto is a centre of arts and culture, a hub of cultural and artistic exploration in Soweto. A township named after Thomas Mofolo, who wrote the book Shaka that documents the much revered heritage of the Zulu people and the life of King Shaka Senzagakhona.”

South African High Commissioner to Lesotho, Sello Moloto, thanked Basotho for their hospitality during apartheid years.

“It is now time for Basotho to rise and put the country first before narrow political, individual and political interest in order for the country to be pulled out of the historical morass and malaise of political instability.”

On Freedom day in 2018, South Africa committed to implementing steady improvement in relation to easier movement of goods and people.

Moloto believes some strides have been reached. Cooperation between various departments such as Home Affairs has also yielded visible results.