While most South Africans observed Good Friday, sun worshippers opted for a day of leisure and fun on Durban’s beaches.

People thronged on Durban’s scenic beaches, for others a stroll along the promenade and others hit the surf.

Activities along the beachfront were aplenty, catering for the young and old.

“It’s a great start to weekend. We came to Durban for the Hare Krishna Festival of Chariots and so with the beach and that it couldn’t be a better weekend,” says one sun lover.

“It’s a nice blessed Friday. It’s a Good Friday indeed, being here at the beach the weather is good. We’re enjoying the sea breeze,” adds another one.

A few metres from promenade, many lined the streets to watch the colourful Hare Krishna Festival of Chariots procession. In its 30th year, the festival offers a host of entertainment and lifestyle activities.