Lebombo Border Post to operate 24 hours a day

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The Lebombo Border Post between Mozambique and South Africa will now operate 24 hours a day. Authorities of both countries made the announcement of their bilateral agreement in Ressano Garcia, Mozambique.

The Border Management Authority believes that the agreement will boost the economies of both countries.

Negotiations between Mozambique and South Africa to have the Lebombo Border Post operating 24-hours began in 2015. And finally, the two countries have signed a bilateral agreement that the border post should operate day and night.

The Lebombo Border is not just one of the busiest posts of entries, but also one of the biggest for both countries. The agreement will not only help to reduce congestion but also to boost the economies of the two countries.

Permanent Secretary of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Mozambique, Victor Canhembe believes that this would also help revive the tourism sector after it was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In terms of the development of the economy, this will be a milestone as well as for tourism and even for education for those who are looking for education and interaction of all people.

The Commissioner of the South African Border Management Authority, Dr Nakampe Masiapato says their long-term plan is to convert the Lebombo Border Post a one-stop port of entry.

“There has been a lot of planning including having to increase the human resource capacity at the port. And that increase has been the case with all the various work streams whether it is customs, health, immigration and all of that. The increase in the capacity of people include the increase in the capacity of the police officers and those that are going to make sure that criminal elements are addressed. And you will be aware that most of the crime was happening because the trucks were queuing in the road over night. So, with the port now opened 24-hours there won’t be that stagnation on the N4 and that will reduce crime,” says Masiapato.

Currently, there is a long queue of trucks on the N4-toll road towards the Lebombo Border Post due to delays at this port of entry, especially on the Mozambican side.

Truck drivers have expressed different views about the new developments.

Commissioner, Masiapato is expected to monitor operations at the Lebombo Border Post on Thursday as part of their Easter holidays plans.