Lebombo Border post preparing for influx of travellers

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Authorities at the Lebombo Border post between South Africa and Mozambique have advised holidaymakers to properly plan their trips, as they are expecting an influx of people to use this border post towards the end of this week.

Lebombo Border Post Manager, Oberd Maditsi says the number of travellers using the Lebombo border will increase due to the closure of mines for holidays. Maditsi further says they have plans in place to deal with the expected influx of travellers.

“We are expecting an influx especially from the 23rd which is Thursday because most of the mining companies will be closing. From Wednesday the 23rd and including Friday the 24th, we xpecting more than 16 000 miners. Those I’m excluding their families. If they are travelling with children and wives that number can be increased and can be added by 2 000 or whatsoever.  I’m also expecting other categories of employees like in the farming communities as well and also e visitors,” says Maditsi.

VIDEO: Traffic volumes increase at the Lebombo Border Post:

The N3 is still experiencing heavy traffic towards KwaZulu-Natal. The N3 Toll Concession’s Thania Dhoogra says motorists are urged to drive cautiously. Dhoogra says law enforcement officials are visible throughout the route.

“The N3 toll route continues to record busy traffic volumes in a southbound direction towards KwaZulu-Natal, currently averaging just over 1 000 vehicles per hour. Drivers are reminded to please drive defensively and to adjust their driving style to the prevailing conditions. Law enforcement officials are maintaining a high visibility presence on the N3 toll route this festive season. N3TC route services are on hand to assist in any emergencies on the route. Please contact the 24 hour N3 helpline on 0800 6343 57,” says  Dhoogra.

VIDEO: N3 freeway traffic update: Thania Doogra

Some cross-border truck drivers that use the Beitbridge border post near Musina in Limpopo say they have been stranded on the queue towards the border for several days. Trucks that transport cargo to different parts of the African continent have formed a queue that stretches for about eight kilometres. It is unclear what the cause of the delay is. The truck drivers say they queue has been moving slowly from the South African side.

“We joined the queue yesterday afternoon and we pushed slowly through the night but still we have not crossed as you can see it is like we are going to cross again at midnight. Now today it is the third day and then we don’t expect like we are going through there because I don’t see even trucks coming from Zim side going upwards here and trucks moving from SA side to Zim side they are moving after two to three hours, our surprise is every truck on the queue have papers, our suspect is maybe Zim side there no space I don’t know,” says truck driver.