Lebo M proud of songs in remake of ‘The Lion King’

Lebo M interview
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South African composer Lebo M says he feels a sense of pride in the songs in Disney’s remake of ‘The Lion King’ – saying they were created with energy and some with a touch of South African colour.

The Lion King hit South African screens on Friday and is on track to break box office records across the globe.

Local star John Kani is the voice of Rafiki. He is one of several big names, including Donald Glover, Beyoncé and James Earl Jones.

South African singer Lindiwe Mkhize alongside Lebo M performed the first song on the soundtrack, which is a modern version of Circle of Life.

Lebo M says, “I am more proud of the new stuff that we did. I did a version of “He lives in you” in Xhosa that I had originally written and a new song with Elton John “Never too Late” – that’s all in the end credits.”

He adds: “Their score is fantastic, we’ve put a lot more energy in it. We went for a live approach. I am still amazed at how coming home to record choirs still is the only way I get the true South African colour of singing and movie making. No one else can do that, but us South Africans and I am very proud of that.”