Learners, parents picket outside Bisho High School after bullied learner commits suicide

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Learners and parents have picketed outside the Bisho High School to demand the Department of Education’s action after the suicide of a Grade 10 learner last week due to alleged bullying.

Lathitha Nako allegedly swallowed pesticide and died in hospital on Wednesday last week.

Bullies had allegedly targetted her because she revealed that she had a calling to become a sangoma.

It is also alleged that a teacher at the school dismissed her beliefs.

Bullying under the spotlight:

Before her death, she spoke openly about the bullying she endured on social media platforms.

Concerned parent Mihlalikazi Mapisa says, “We demand the two teachers be expelled or transferred and the three children expelled. We don’t want to see them here in Bisho High School next year. We demand that the children get psychological help. We demand everything happening here now involve the parents as we don’t recognise the SGB as they have failed.”

Teen suicide in Eastern Cape again highlights need to address bullying at schools: