Lawyers for Human Rights to challenge the amendment of Refugee Act

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Lawyers for Human Rights say they will challenge the amendments made to the Refugee Act that came into effect on January 1.

Some of the changes in the Act include preventing asylum-seekers from participating in political activity, clamping down on businesses and regulations on where they can work or go to school.

The organisation says it is disappointed by the amendments to the Act.

Sharon Ekambaram from the Lawyers for Human Rights says they will mobilise to challenge the Home Affairs Department.

“The problem with that is that the asylum system in SA is in crisis and these amendments are not looking at addressing that problem. What we see is that many of these amendments that are coming into regulation are actually intended to place more restrictions and to deny human beings, people who are fleeing conflict on the continent, who are facing serious trauma; that their human rights and human dignity is further coming under attack in SA.”