There has been increased traffic on the N1 in Limpopo as travellers head to various destinations during this festive season. Law enforcers have been maintaining high visibility. Roadblocks were also manned with a special focus on public transport and trucks.

Limpopo Transport department authorities have warned motorists to adhere to the road rules as some minibus taxis have been impounded, summons issued and drivers arrested at Mantsole traffic centre on Friday night.

The authorities also checked if the travellers are complying with the lockdown regulations, that of wearing masks. Jane Mulaudzi of the Transport department says that transgressors won’t be tolerated.

“There’s a peak on the traffic especially coming from Gauteng to our province. The main concentration is on the trucks and the minibuses since we started with the operation here. We have issued about 23 summons for different offences and we have also impounded 10 kombis that those that operate without operating license.”

Mulaudzi says that the law enforcers will be maintaining high visibility on the roads throughout the festive season.

“What we have done as a department we have increased over time hours for our officers to be more on the road so they will be working 24/7 waya waya like our Minister is indicating. They will be all over especially in critical routes that we know that they’re causing accidents in our province.”

Meanwhile, some travellers have expressed satisfaction about the visibility of law enforcers on the roads saying it might help curb incidents.

“Their visibility means something people abide the law as they are expected to so their visibility on the road it mean a lot we abide everything we supposed to. They’re checking on permits and stuff license and PDPs and it’s a good thing because some of the taxi drivers drive taxis without license.”

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