Late Bapedi King Victor Thulare the third’s mother appointed as acting queen

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The Bapedi Royal family at Sekhukhune in Limpopo has appointed the mother of the late King Victor Thulare III as the acting queen. Manyaku Thulare’s appointment as the acting queen follows the death of her son in January.

King Victor Thulare succumbed to COVID-19 complications.

The funeral service of King Thulare: 

King Victor Thulare the third’s mother and the wife of the late King Sekhukhune the third, Manyaku Thulare is now the acting queen of the Bapedi nation, one of the largest in the country.

Family spokesperson, Ntoampe Mampuru says the family held many meetings before finalising the appointment.

“The core members of the royal family did get into a series of meetings and finally on the ninth of this month, they came to a resolution where it states, the queen-mother, Manyaku Thulare, the wife of the late King Sekhukhune the Third, Thulare, should be the one that will be steering this ship of this kingdom.”

Mampuru says the family is not ruling out possible opposition to the appointment of the queen. “The can be some contestation that we cannot rule out but at the end of the day, we are looking at the procedure whether it was followed to the latter because there are frameworks that we have to consider when we do this. Those who are opposed to the decision are doing that at their own peril but the status quo remains that we have made a decision.”

Community members at Manoge village in Sekhukune say they have expectations from the new ruler.

“We are happy for queen and we expect her to take care of us as King Thulare did. We expect the new leader to focus on developing the area. There is no water, no schools and people are unemployed.”

The royal council has reiterated that Queen Manyaku Thulare will be on the throne until the rightful heir to the throne assumes power.