‘Langa Massacre victims have not received any compensation’

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The Langa Massacre Foundation at Kariega in the Eastern Cape says after ten years of engaging government, Langa Massacre victims have not received any compensation.

Over 20 people from Langa township died on their way to a funeral when police opened fire in 1985.

The foundation has been advocating for survivors and families of victims to be compensated.

Langa Massacre Foundation chairperson Nicholas Malgas says there is no indication from government on how they can be assisted.

“At least you will be expecting an indication to say that this is what we can do. Just to get into the question of assisting beneficiaries, we have raised a number of issues here, some of them don’t even have houses, some of them the houses they are staying in are in appalling condition; some of them don’t even have jobs to assist their families. You must remember that most of the breadwinners they had in their families left them in 1985.”

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Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town is expected to announce major upgrades as part of the 100-year celebrations of the Langa township.

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis will address the media later on Tuesday on plans, which include restorations to historical monuments, precinct improvements and a public participation process on a new heroes memorial.

A series of community events, including a major three-day open-air festival, is also part of their plans. The plans are intended to complement community initiatives to commemorate the township’s anniversary.

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