Land reform will unite the nation: Mabuza

David Mabuza
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Deputy President, David Mabuza, has used his Christmas message to South Africans to highlight the importance of land reform. Various organisations and political parties, such as Congress of the People and the Democratic Alliance, recently threatened to approach the courts to set aside Parliament’s Joint Constitutional Review Committee’s report on land expropriation without compensation.

The report recommended that Section 25 of the Constitution be amended, to facilitate the process. Mabuza says land reform will help bring unity to the nation.

“As we close this year, we do with a sense of comfort and encouragement that we are making great strides in resolving the important issue of land. This issue goes to the heart of our very being and our heritage. Resolving the land question will contribute to building unity, social cohesion and a sense of nationhood. In addressing these and other challenges, we believe that unity is an important pillar of building an equal society that we should all strive for.”