‘Land reform process will help grow SA economy’

Cyril Ramaphosa
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African National Congress President (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa says the land reform process will allow for land to be given to ordinary people, to help to create jobs and grow the economy.

Oral presentations on whether an amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution is necessary for land expropriation without compensation took centre stage this week.

Ramaphosa was in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, where he is engaging business leaders as the ANC embarks on a process to draft its election manifesto.

He says the land expropriation process will be done in an orderly manner and won’t be a winner takes all approach.

“We want this process of land reform to happen and it must lead to increase agricultural production, the growth of our economy and to greater food security.”

“Once this process gets underway, and we want it to get underway with the full participation and agreement of land owners; we want them to be part of this, joint ownership, giving away of land, assisting our farmers and all that. We want this to be a wholesome programme where we will all grow our economy together and agriculture is going to be a big contributor to our economy.”

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