The Democratic Alliance (DA) has rejected any suggestion that the party’s stance on expropriation of land without compensation is equivalent to opposing land reform.

This is in the backdrop of growing discord over the party’s posture on land reform. Last week the party did not support the Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) motion on land expropriation in parliament.

The DA has also come under fire over an sms campaign during voter registration weekend, warning members of the public that the African National Congress (ANC) and EFF are working together to take all private land and homes.

Party leader Mmmusi Maimane says they are in support of land redistribution and restitution through just and fair means.

“The amendment moved in parliament in fact takes away the guarantees of South Africans to own land on their own individual rights. As it has been stated, it makes it clear that title deeds become something of the past. If you do that, you will ultimately ensure that the very issue of systematic transfer of wealth is under mined. So the motion was supported in an amended form by the ANC and the EFF’s model calls for the state to be the custodian of all land, effectively the abolition of the abolition of private property.”

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