Land ownership marks an important milestone: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says land ownership marks an important milestone in government’s land restitution programme.

He was speaking during the handover of title deeds to farmers in Groblersdal in Limpopo.

Thirty-two farmers will have total control of the land they have been working on for 25 years.

Ramaphosa says the aim of handing over the title deeds to the farmers is to achieve food security and economic prosperity in the country.

“You had a vision for many, many years, but we’ve also had a vision as government to harness land development and to make sure that the land leads to the upliftment of our people and also leads to economic prosperity. It has been a vision for this community as they spent 25 years fighting to see that this dream that they’ve had is realised. We’d like to thank them for their patience, their courage. They have stood on their own feet and fought for this land.”

Food security

Ramaphosa has urged citizens to venture into farming to ensure food security for the country.

He says government has committed to the issue of land reform and land is going to be redistributed.

The President says, “We making a commitment as government as we want to upscale the agricultural sector and are going to give you support you need because we have seen with our own eyes that you are serious farmers and you want to become big commercial farmers. The governing party took a clear decision on the issue of land reform and redistribution.”

President Ramaphosa says government has the vision to hand over land to disadvantaged communities as part of land redistribution.

Below is the handover ceremony: