‘Land or Death’ slogan is hate speech: Court

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The Equality Court has ruled that the Black First Land First slogan, ‘Land or Death’, constitutes hate speech.

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) took the matter to the Equality Court for a final ruling, acting on behalf of complainant Lucy Strydom.

Strydom claimed that the slogan amounted to hate speech and incited violence against white people in South Africa.

The court has given the BLF a month to remove the slogan from all public platforms.

In their Twitter feed, the SAHRC also states that the BLF is ordered to tender a written apology to all South Africans within a period of one month; which is set to be published on the commissions’ website.

BLF Leader Andile Mngxitama says the party will not apologise and will appeal the decision.

“We are not going to apologise, we are going to appeal. This is a nonsensical judgement. Land or Death – hate speech against who? The court did not apply its mind properly on this issue. That slogan is not hate speech. But importantly, we are not going to apologise. We are going to appeal and we are on the ballot.”