Land expropriation report to be debated in the NCOP

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The debate on the Constitutional Review Committee report on land expropriation will be moving to the National Council of Provinces on Wednesday.

The report will be debated in the NCOP on Wednesday morning. The National Assembly leg of debate took place on Tuesday. The report was passed in the Assembly.

The National Assembly and the NCOP were initially expected to debate the report in both Houses Tuesday. But the NCOP re-scheduled its debate to Wednesday.

The Assembly has passed the report with more that 209 MPs in favour of it. 91 voted against and there were no abstentions. On Wednesday the committee co-chairperson Lewis Nzimande is expected to present the report to seek the final approval of the NCOP.

Voting in the NCOP will take place per-province. After the debate each delegate leader representing a province will vote on whether their provinces support or reject the Constitutional Review Committee report. The votes will be counted per province.

And if the NCOP approves this report, then the resolutions taken by both Houses will officially pave way for the introduction of a Constitution Amendment Bill to start amending section 25 of the constitution.