Land central to economic inclusion: Mabuza

Deputy President David Mabuza
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Deputy President David Mabuza says radical economic transformation is the result of frustration of lack of economic inclusion.

He was responding to questions during his maiden oral reply session in the National Assembly.

Mabuza says the sharing of land is central to economic inclusion and survival.

“The term radical economic transformation stems out of frustration. Frustration is that the majority of our people don’t see progress.  I’m sure our comrades sitting here wearing red, they are telling you about economic freedom; economic emancipation. This is the stress our people are facing. That means we can no longer avoid these questions that are confronting us. If we want to survive as a nation, we can no longer protect the status quo. Land must be given back to the rightful owners and land is a means to help people to survive,” says Mabuza.

Meanwhile, Mabuza has refused to answer the question of privatisation of the Reserve Bank, saying it was not one of the questions for Tuesday’s oral reply session.

The question was asked by DA MP, Dean McPherson.

Mabuza faced various question during his maiden oral reply session in the National Assembly.

“Honourable member the privatisation of the Reserve Bank is not the question that I am here for. So if you want me to probably answer that question I can do so outside this question and answer session. But it is not the question now.”


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