As lockdown regulations begin to ease pressure is mounting for government to speed up the provision of essential services to communities.

The Chris Hani District Municipality in Eastern Cape is one of many areas in the province that is facing service delivery challenges.

The area has poor road infrastructure and inadequate water and sanitation.

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola have been tasked by President Cyril Ramaphosa to see to it that essential services are rendered in the Eastern Cape District.

Part of his plan is to revive economic activities in the area.

Lamola has vowed government will fast-track essential services although the country is still in level one lockdown due to COVID-19.

In this video, President Cyril Ramaphosa announces lockdown Alert Level 1:

Lamola says, “We have been deployed as ministers to all the districts. As districts champions, I have been deployed here to ensure that there is an integrated planning from all departments to speed up service delivery issues of economic recovery, high unemployment and respond to that. When I come here, I don’t only focus on my department. I focus on all.”

Lamola also visited some schools in this district where the issue of substance abuse is rife.

Bulelani High School Principal Zine May says, “The use of drugs is impacting badly on our learners because they can’t do work properly. They don’t submit work on time so their behaviour is not good.”

All the issues raised during the visit by the Minister will be directed to the relevant departments.