Justice Minister, Ronald Lamola, has defended the NPA’s failure at this stage to prosecute major figures accused of corruption linked to state capture. Lamola says the NPA was crippled by looting.

The Radical Economic Transformation (RET), President Jacob Zuma’s support group, has meanwhile held a press conference on what it called “abuse and vilification” of Zuma.

It said it would embark on “rolling mass action” to show their support.

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Minister Lamola has lambasted the group, saying that they looted the state.

“What you need to remember comrade is that, while they were busy stealing, they also stole money that was supposed to prosecute them; the National Prosecuting Authority did not have money to prosecute anyone.

“That is why you see the high level of crime across the country. The NPA budget has been going down for the past 5-6 years, it is only us now who are reversing that trend.

“The NPA, for the first time in five years, are now appointing people in vacancies.”