African National Congress (ANC) NEC member Ronald Lamola has warned party members to be wary of a pro-Jacob Zuma support group called the RET.

Lamola says the so-called group is trying to enforce state capture.

On Wednesday the Gauteng Radical Economic Transformation (RET) group held a press briefing, showing their support for former President Jacob Zuma.

Lamola accused the RET Zuma support group of trying to defend corruption.

Lamola says the group wants to erode the work done to uncover the corruption that crippled SOE’s.

“These thieves that have stolen money now they want to claim that they are RET and they are forces that are supposed to help our people.”

Speaking at the party’s workshop on land expropriation without compensation Lamola also accused former president FW De Klerk of trying to distract South Africans from the land issue.

De Klerk has been criticised for his recent comments that apartheid was not a crime against humanity.

He called on the party members to adhere to the extended deadline for the submission process of expropriation without compensation.

Watch video below: Radical Economic Transformation Forces” re-pledge their support for the former President Jacob Zuma