Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke learners sent home, but more racism stories emerge

Black learners sitting at a corner table and white learners sitting on one table
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Learners at Laerskool Schweizer Reneke in the North West have been sent back home. This after the North West Education Department suspended the teacher who is suspected to have separated the children according to race at the school.

MEC Sello Lehari suspended Ellen Barkhuizen after meeting with stakeholders at the school.

Barkhuizen is reported to have taken the photo of the separated children, which is circulating on social media and has gone viral.

Earlier, members of different political parties were picketing outside the school.

In a new alleged racism scandal, some parents have accused Laerskool Marble Hall in the Sekhukhune area of Limpopo of discriminating against their children based on race. They say their children have been refused entry to the school, despite applying in time for Grade 1. It is also alleged that only black children have been put on a waiting list.

The school is multiracial, but some residents say each year it is difficult for black children to be admitted. Some of the affected parents had this to say that they are worried as they do not know where to take their children now.

“I have applied on time, but I was so surprised when they said they can’t accept my child, he is on the waiting list. So, I requested to see the list of the white people. They say there is no waiting list for the white people. That’s where I started to worry. Where are we going to take our kids because they are still young? We didn’t want our kids to go far because we are residents here. I came here in March. They told me I must come on the 1st of May. When I came they say I must bring the documents, I bring them. Eish mama, I feel pain.”