Political analyst Sethulego Matebesi says lack of understanding and interest in the constitution of the country is a concern to him.

The University of Free State Lecturer says the constitution is the most important piece of information everyone needs as it provides the legal foundation for the existence of the nation.

Just like the national anthem, the constitution is the highest law of the land.

Many other experts in the field say South Africa’s Bill of Rights within the constitution is the best in the world because it protects so many freedoms for citizens.

The Bill of Rights contains Section 7 to Section 39 of the constitution, and human rights it protects are laid out in 27 Sections from Section 9 to 37.

The constitution, which protects the freedom of all the people who live in South Africa, was signed by Former President Nelson Mandela in 1996.

Matebesi says:”Somewhere along the line we do not pay attention to one of the fundamental aspects that actually determine our daily lives because everything that we do we have to do it according to the constitution and I honestly believe that the problem of the constitution is throughout the world, is that people think that it’s an academic document that is only there for certain people to use.”

Dr Matebesi says it is still a concern that most people do not even know national symbols or even the national anthem.

“Definitely its ignorance at the most highest level because the moment people do not understand that, how can we pride ourselves in our own country if we don’t know our national symbols. The question is what have we being doing since 1994. We are talking about democracy yet it seems we are not doing anything. I am referring to ordinary citizens. We cannot keep blaming government sometimes.”

All citizens have been urged to know the constitution as it plays a very meaningful role in their lives as well as impacting on society as a whole.

Matebesi added that the constitution does not only protect rights of all citizens but it also speaks out to the voiceless.