EFF ready to stop Zuma SONA using the court

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EFF Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema insists that a Motion for No Confidence in President Jacob Zuma will be debated on Thursday before the State of the Nation Address. This, despite the Speaker of the Parliament last week announcing that any attempt to table such a motion will not be acceded to.

Malema says that his party is also considering filing an interdict to stop the SONA from going ahead.

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Malema says they will make sure that the Motion of No Confidence is debated on Thursday. “We are in the process of removing  Zuma. All we are asking the ANC is that this guy has defeated you. Bring him to us. And the only way of bringing him here is to bring a Motion of No Confidence. SONA must still happen but it must be led by a different person not Zuma. Since Baleka has refused, it looks like the Motion of No Confidence will be debated on Thursday. After the motion – then SONA can happen.”

Malema is confident that President Jacob Zuma will not deliver the State of the National Address at the Opening of Parliament on Thursday. He says they are willing to go to the lengths of obtaining a court interdict to prevent Zuma from actually addressing South Africans.

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