The Democratic Alliance (DA) has welcomed Department of International Relations and Cooperation’s (Dirco) move to demarche the United States (US) Embassy second-in-command official to provide clarity on its President Donald Trump‘s comments on Africa and Haiti.

A Democratic senator has confirmed Trump used racist and crude swearwords when asking why the US had to accept immigrants from Haiti and Africa.  Trump said he would rather have people from Norway.

Trump has denied using the words “Shithole”. A United Nations Human Rights office staffer last week said the comments were racist.

The DA Shadow Minister on International Relations Stevens Mokgalapa says this needs to be addressed by the world body’s Human Rights Council.

“We also want to welcome the African Union statement, denouncing what Donald Trump has said and the world leaders all in general.  We are in solidarity with them in condemning what Donald Trump has said, which we found unfortunate, in my view I hold that no one takes Donald Trump seriously and such comments such as this just shows how politically and diplomatically his fallen short,” says Mokgalapa.

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