Traditional leaders in KwaZulu-Natal have met to address the brutal attacks on izinduna in the province.

A body representing izinduna, uBumbano LweziNduna, says since 2019, 32 izinduna have been killed but no one has been arrested for any of their deaths.

The urgent imbizo follows the brutal killing of Induna Mfanuvele Mdletshe at his homestead in KwaNongoma in northern KwaZulu-Natal earlier this week.

The provincial general-secretary of Ubumbano Lwezinduna, Falendoda Malinga says, “We have been trying to engage with government at all levels, to try and resolve some of the issues. No one is willing to talk to Izinduna to address these issues. The time has come that izinduna must brainstorm the way forward as to how they should defend themselves as Izinduna from the brutal killings, from these anonymous faces that are killing izinduna across the province.”