As hearings continue in Durban on the National Health Insurance (NHI ) people who have made their submissions have mixed feelings.

Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health is listening to various inputs.

The Durban leg has attracted hundreds including the aged. Chris Van den Berg shared his views saying he has a problem with the NHI centralising finances.

“There is no doubt that the health care system is failing the poorest of the poor. The challenge I have with NHI is that it is centralising the finances and there is no governmental organisation, no SOE that has any track record of succeeding and my serious concern is that it cannot work. Go to any government hospital and have a look at the state of the hospital let alone anything else. It shows that government is failing.”

Phumzile Mbambo says she supports the NHI, however, government needs to ensure there are enough staff and medication at all clinics.

“I am very happy about the coming NHI. I am from a civic organisation. How the NHI is explained to us, we have high hopes that access to health care facilities will reach everyone. Our concerns at the moment include staff shortage in clinics and hospitals, the shortage of medicines in other areas as well. All these concerns need to be fixed for NHI to work.”