KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala has urged the public transport industry to comply with COVID-19 regulations. Speaking during a media briefing in Durban, Zikalala said they’ve observed that public transport was not regularly decontaminated.

Zikalala also expressed concern about the growing number of infections in the province’s rural areas.

Mass gatherings are still prohibited under lockdown level 3.

The KwaZulu-Natal government says they are concerned about reports of those who continue to defy lockdown regulations by attending mass funerals and family gatherings, especially in rural parts of the province.

Ugu and Harry Gwala Districts are also recording cases from the Eastern Cape due to their close proximity to the province.

KwaZulu-Natal reports about 30 news cases daily, while 6.7 million people have been screened in several communities.

Premier Sihle Zikalala says that the number of infections in rural areas is increasing because people don’t comply with lockdown regulations.

“The past few weeks have increasingly revealed that the rural areas are the most vulnerable. This is evident in the number of infections. In the rural-based districts, we are seeing key vulnerability in rural areas influenced by, among other things, funerals and cultural engagements. There are less compliance and monitoring of COVID-19 protocols during these occasions,” says Zikalala.

Below is a graphic of COVID-19 stats in South Africa:



Zikalala says they have observed that public transport is not regularly decontaminated. He expressed concern over the threat from taxi associations to fill up taxis, despite lockdown restrictions.

“There’s virtually no sanitization that is taking place and in some of these activities, there’s no social distancing and no regular decontamination in those transport facilities. This is causing a risk of spreading infections at a rate that will overwhelm all of us. We are taking this opportunity to appeal to all involved in the public transport industry to ensure that they fully comply,” says Zikalala.

Despite the growing number of infections in schools, the Education Department says most grades will be returning to school on the 6th of July. Over 100 teachers and learners have tested positive since last week.

Zikalala also says they have to work on minimising the spread of the virus in schools.

“Last week, we had 74 cases of which 57 were teachers and 13 were learners. This week the reported number of infected people in schools has increased to 187 of which 139 are teachers and 37 are learners. The Umgungundlovu District lead in terms of the number of infected teachers. What is critical is how we manage the situation in schools,” says Zikalala

Zikalala has urged everyone to adhere to wearing masks in public and encouraged social distancing. He adds that law enforcement agencies will continue to monitor compliance with lockdown regulations.

In the video below, Zikalala addresses the media: