KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) police have hit out at officers who are allegedly involved in criminal activity after a 21-year-old Constable was arrested for dealing in drugs and defeating the ends of justice.

The provincial police say officers involved in criminal activities hide behind their badges.

Police spokesperson Nqobile Gwala says Constable Clifford Naicker was arrested at the Greytown police station.

A 43-year-old suspected drug dealer was also arrested.

Police in the KZN executed a search warrant at a house in the area where they found bags of cocaine and glass bottles containing cocaine residue.

“These arrests serve as a warning to other police officers who are committing crimes and hiding behind SAPS badges, we will make sure that all involved in crime are brought to book,” says Gwala.

“There are ongoing operations in KZN regarding the illegal trade of drugs and there is a team from the organised crime unit who have made a number of arrests regarding the drug dealers and for people who are caught in possession of illegal firearms,” added Gwala.