The KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Department of Health has launched the street vaccination programme in eThekwini municipality. The vaccination programme was set up on three streets in Durban for residents to access vaccines.

The programme targets people who stay and live in town.

The department aims to reach a target of more than 2 million people through its vaccination program. Earlier this month the province launched Waya-Waya Vaccination program to encourage people to be vaccinated.

KZN provincial government takes vaccine rollout to churches and hostels: 12 September

The street vaccination in Durban is also expected to increase the number of people as it targets residents in town. Chrystal Saunders, who resides at Maud Mfusi Street, is amongst the first to be vaccinated through this program.

She has called on others to come out in their numbers and take advantage of the street vaccination program.

“The guys are stationed here right on Russel Street. You have got a lot of assistance here and it’s quite important to get vaccinated and also try to prevent ourselves from getting sick from COVID 19. Even if you have already had still come and get vaccinated as it is for the betterment of your health and also people around you.”

Ntombi Luthuli says she was reluctant to be vaccinated but she later changed her mind.

“I was afraid to be vaccinated due to myths around the vaccine. Today I decided to be vaccinated as I am a South African citizen and I do it for my country to avoid the spread of the disease.  I will encourage other people and be vaccinated.”

Stusile Mbambo from the department in the eThekwini district says the programme makes it easy for people to be vaccinated.

“We were not happy before but now after we have launched this programme where we conduct street vaccination programme. We are happy with the turnout of people and we have tried to bring the vaccination to where people are. Some of the people haven’t gone to the vaccination sites because they are far from them and they have to take taxis and buses to vaccination sites. But here in the streets even those that are walking to the shops they can see that we are vaccinating and they come and vaccinate even those that are staying in flats, they come to our vaccination sites.”