KZN community, game reserves join hands to combat illegal hunting of endangered species

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A community in northern KwaZulu-Natal has taken the lead on working with game reserves in the area to combat the illegal hunting of endangered species, including rhino poaching.

uPhongolo Local Municipality Mayor Velephi Skhosana has met with the Somkhanda Community Game Reserve and the Gumbi traditional council to aid these conservation efforts. The reserve has suffered poaching incidents.

The video below discusses efforts to combat rhino poaching:

Skhosana says reserves attract tourists that in turn boosts the local economy, creating creates jobs.

“It’s crucial for residents to protect heritage areas around them. Because these places contribute to the development of the community and help with job creation. uPhongolo is a gateway to three African countries and provinces which include, Swaziland, Mozambique and Mpumalanga. This creates a sense of pride to the people because attracting more tourists to visit uPhongolo will uplift the local economy especially Somkhanda Community Game,” says Skhosana.

The video below discusses challenges faced by the SA’s tourism sector: