Krotoa immortalised at Stellenbosch University

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Authorities at Stellenbosch University say the renaming of the RW Wilcocks building to Krotoa, a Khoi translator in the 1650s, is part of the institution’s commitment to inclusivity.

The building houses faculties including History and Psychology.

Director of Social Impact at the university, Leslie van Rooi, says, “The story of Krotoa allows us to re-add a piece of the university, uncomplete puzzle story, that the puzzle pieces are added one by one. The story of South Africa the story of the region, the cochoqua people have indicated that indeed in our negotiations around this story that we are allowed to further engage about how the language of cochoqua can be respected in the experience of the university and within the multilingual environment that we foster and want to create more of as the university.”

VIDEO | Stellenbosch University’s RW Wilcocks building renamed: