Kroos: One for the future

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The Guardian deems he’s the modern midfielder that his club, Bayern Munich, would be crazy to lose.

En route to Bayern winning the Champions League last year, Kroos stood out with his brilliant performances. His passing accuracy has elevated his game that he’s recognisable the world over.

Five years ago Franz Beckenbauer predicted that Kroos “could be the next Michael Ballack”. Strange enough, it is the same Ballack who is today singing Kroos’ praises.
His clever left foot passes have earned him worldwide acclaim, so much that speculation is rife that he could be heading to Old Trafford as Manchester United is chasing for his signature.

Kroos first turned up for Bayern at the age of 17, making him the youngest player to represent Bayern’s A-team, at the time.

With age still on his side, Kroos has much to offer, and how best to do it than on a World Cup stage. He surely is one for the future.

– By Tshepo Tsheole