Residents of Maokeng in Kroonstad, Free State, have joined hands in the frantic search for a missing nine-year-old girl.

Boipelo Sesele was last seen on Tuesday afternoon playing with her friends. Her mother says she was nowhere to be found, when she sent her 15-year-old brother to call her home for lunch.

“My mother went out saying she’s going to fetch her, she came back and told me that my daughter is missing and they told her that she left with a male person wearing overalls. I just rushed out and went to her friend’s place and asked the friend where was she, and she said she doesn’t know,” says Boipelo’s mother, Mpeile Sesele.

Community member Pinkie Monyake says: “We are so devastated; we can’t even sleep or eat. This thing has unsettled us as a community.”

A missing person’s case has been opened with the police.

Maokeng residents join hands in a frantic search for missing girl: