Koko says he’s looking forward to Ramaphosa’s state capture testimony

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Former Eskom CEO, Matshela Koko, says he is looking forward to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s testimony at the state capture inquiry.

The former Eskom boss has accused Ramaphosa of interfering in Eskom operational matters when he was deputy president chairperson of the Eskom war room.

Koko has alleged that Ramaphosa instructed the then board to dismiss him before holding a meeting.

He says he hopes Ramaphosa has received the commission’s notice, which implicates him in this matter.

“Cause I really want to know why Ramaphosa interfered with the affairs of Eskom by instructing the yet to meet board to dismiss me, an instruction the labour court found to be unlawful. And the consequence of that was in the CSIR report between 2018 and 2020, R266 billion was lost as a result of load shedding after I left. So I really want to know even if the public doesn’t want to know, I want to know and I will not rest peacefully,” he added.

The President is due to testify at the commission in late April.

Below are some of the highlights from Koko’s testimony:

Koko has also again denied allegations that he e-mailed sensitive Eskom documents to Gupta associate, Salim Essa.

Giving evidence at the commission of inquiry into state capture, Koko said he never did any transactional bidding for the Guptas nor send emails to them.

“All these transitions that I am accused of doing the bidding for Essa, there is a host of them. If I was doing the bidding for Essa, I would have found a reason to pay the R30 million invoice.

If I was doing the bidding for Essa when Daniels came to me with the motivation for the payment of  R460 million to Mckinsey which part of it ended up with Trillian, I would have found a reason to sign it but I stopped it,” he explained.

Koko’s full testimony is in the video below: