Kliptown residents warned against illegal electricity connections

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The Johannesburg MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Mpho Moreane, has warned residents in Kliptown, Soweto, that illegal electricity connections are putting their lives at risk.

This comes after a group of Joburg officials, who visited the area yesterday, found illegal power cables hanging from homes, exposing the community to danger.

Moreane says the City aims to take over the supply of electricity to Soweto, to help make the situation safe for the community.

“It is disappointing, what we found on Monday, that people resorted to putting their lives at risk and connect electricity illegally from the power lines. Cables have been stolen and there are illegal connections.”

“On Monday, when we were walking, we had to be careful on what we walked on because it was like a landmine, it was bad. We are in negotiations with Eskom to normalise electricity supply. We want to take over because we want to make it safe and we want the people to pay for their electricity,” adds Moreane.

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Last year, Eskom also said it will continue to clamp down on illegal connections in residential estates, which result in a huge financial loss for the utility.

The power utility clamps down on illegal connections in Diepsloot: