Former Eskom board member Venete Klein has told the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture that she was surprised to hear that former President Jacob Zuma was involved in Eskom board related matters.

Klein says she had no knowledge that a meeting had taken place between Zuma, former SAA Board Chair Dudu Myeni and former Eskom Board Chair Zola Tsotsi, ahead of a scheduled Eskom board meeting.

She says she later learnt from other board members that Tsotsi had met with the former president, where it was suggested that a board resolution for an inquiry be adopted and Eskom executives be suspended.

Klein also told the commission she was one of the board members who refused to sign the TNA-Eskom breakfast contract.

“I remember Mr Tsotsi starting the meeting telling the board he found it unacceptable that board members were interacting on a regular basis. There were so many different stories. Everyone you walked (sic) into had a different story about different issues. No board I have sat on, has ever made me as tired as Eskom. One of the things I raised with Mr Tsotsi, which I said to you earlier, was critical matters being raised by board members.”

Klein also expressed dissatisfaction with Tsotsi, saying it was frustrating to work with him as he did not respond to urgent e-mails. She also questioned the governance of Eskom because board meetings were cancelled and called randomly.

Tsotsi later resigned after being suspended.

Vanete Klein testifies at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture: