Kite enthusiasts converge on Sedgefield’s annual kite festival to raise funds

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Sedgefield-based charity organisation, Masithandane has hosted the 6th Annual Garden Route Kite Festival at Karatara near Knysna.

It’s a celebration of getting out in the open and flying kites regardless of age, ability, or disability. It also falls on the same day as an international event where kites are flown for peace around the globe.

One Sky, One World kite flyers from across the country joined this global initiative where kites are flown for peace, at hundreds of different locations around the world.

He adds, “It’s a philosophy amongst kite flyers around the world, we say one sky one world, kites for peace, and on the 2nd Sunday of October every year. People right around the world fly their kites no matter where they are and there’s a website and everyone uploads their photos and it’s just our kiting fraternity’s way of making a statement for peace.”

Young and old got together to show off their skills and the beauty of their creations. Huge dragons, frogs, and other colourful kites were on display.

Xavier Binsbergen (16) says his love for kiting started at a young age.

“It all started when I was very small and my parents thought it would be cool if we started kiting. We originally lived in Pretoria and we started there with simple power kites, then we moved down to Port Elizabeth and that’s where it really grew and then we got in touch with other kiters and arranged festivals and it just grew and here we are today,” explains Binsbergen.

Apart from kite-flying, a dog show and kids’ activities were also held for families and their furry friends to enjoy.

Chairperson of Masithandane, Jacky Weaver, says the main aim of the day is to raise funds for a worthy cause.

“It’s a fundraiser for Masithandane. The funds are needed for our bursary fund because we have children living in Sedgefield and there is no high school. So, they have to go all the way either to Knysna or George. Currently, the fund is supporting 32 children going to high school, and also helps with toiletries and hostel fees and so on.”

Kite flying is a good way of getting eyes off the mobile screens and enjoying some fresh air and beautiful sights in the sky.