Kingdom Governance Movement (KGM)

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The Kingdom Governance Movement was formed by former ANC minister in the Eastern Cape, Mkhangeli Matomela, in August 2013.

Matomela was chairperson of the finance committee and served in various portfolio committees including housing and the standing committee on public accounts.

Matomela, who was one of the party’s longest serving members of provincial legislature, parted ways with the ruling party shortly after the launch of his party.

At the launch of his party, Matomela said he had felt limited in the ANC and decided to launch the party for what he termed “the prophetic kingdom politics” or “God-centred politics.”

During his address on Thursday Matomela called the ANC, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and the South African and World Council of Churches part of a global “anti-christ” movement.

He also made scathing remarks about hays and lesbians, saying the ANC would be “rejected by God” if the ANC accepted homosexuality.

The party, which has strong religious beliefs, will contest the upcoming elections to reportedly save the country from the “anti-Christ system.”

The Kingdom Governance Movement (KGM) is inspired by the Holy Spirit to mobilize the people of South Africa to be directly involved in Prophetic Kingdom Politics to transform the current situation in South Africa where the New Age Movement has succeeded to consume the country into its web of secular humanist religio-politics.

“Our call is to ensure that the ANC as the ruling party, consciously and deliberately takes a clear public stance to reject the cancerous and demonic invasion of our beloved country, South Africa by the global anti-Christ system, led by the New Age Movement. Failure to take the decisive action in this regard, will inevitably render them part of the global anti-Christ system,” reads the party’s statement in part on their facebook page.

“The Kingdom Governance Movement is extending a hand of cooperation, calling on the ANC as the ruling party, to join hand in combatting these forces of darkness that are consuming our nation.”

Some of the party’s objectives include:

• Compassion and Humility – serving others by drawing from the eternal Spirit of God in us and recognising the God-given dignity and value in others in the context of ethical diversity of human beings.

• Dignity and Equality – protecting the God-given dignity of individuals, minority groups and majority groups on the basis that all human beings are purposed, conceived and born with God’s dignity bestowed on them equally. They therefore deserve to be treated with appreciation, reverence and even-handedness in spiritual and socio-political conditions free from bias, exploitation and/or oppression and/or any other form of unfair discrimination, prejudice and/or offence.

• Faith and Hope – inspiring these nationally through the reconstruction of people’s spiritual states, material conditions and developmental opportunities.

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