The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national chairperson of Swaziland Hlobisile Sibandze says King Mswati III should explain why some people have been killed in the kingdom.

She was speaking at the Oshoek Border Post on Friday during a march that was organised by the EFF in Mpumalanga to show solidarity with citizens of Eswatini.

Sibandze alleges that Eswatini’s law enforcement officers shot and killed some of the party’s members.

“Some of our members got shot while on their way to here [Oshoek Border Post]. [King] Mswati sent his police to shoot our members while on their way here. They tried to run and unfortunately, one of them was shot and injured and another arrested.”

“Furthermore Mswati should hand himself to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because he has got blood in his hands,” explains Sibandze.

Meanwhile, EFF leader in Mpumalanga, Collen Sedibe has refuted allegations that they are instigating violence in Eswatini.

Sedibe says they also did not break COVID-19 regulations by organising the march that was attended by hundreds of EFF members.

“No, we are not against any regulations and we are wearing masks me and you. The people who were here, we have checked them they are vaccinated, so they are safe. There is no gathering that is banned because there are elections in South Africa coming in October and elections need interactions,” adds Sedibe.


EFF members protest at Mananga border in solidarity with people of Eswatini: