King Misuzulu dismisses ill health, poisoning reports

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The AmaZulu King MisuZulu ka Zwelithini has spoken out against allegations that he may have been poisoned.

This follows conflicting messages on his health.

The King’s spokesperson Prince Africa Zulu has given the SABC a video recorded in eSwatini.

In the video, the King shares details on his health.

At the weekend, the Zulu nation’s traditional prime minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi issued a statement saying the King had been admitted to hospital in Eswatini after fears that he may have been poisoned.

But the King says he’s in good health

“I was scheduled to do my medical check ups anyway, which I do from time to time and I just said ok, I will go ahead and do my medical check ups in Swaziland. Not because I have been poisoned, I am not poisoned. I am well. I feel 100 percent [okay].”

“I’m happy, everything is well functioning, there is no poison whatsoever. So please people, mostly to the Zulu people, the Zulu Royal family also to remind everyone to please don’t listen to everything that people say.”

The video below is reporting more on the story: