King MisuZulu acknowledges challenges causing instability in Royal family

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King MisuZulu kaZwelithini has made a commitment to serve the AmaZulu nation with diligence and respect. King MisuZulu has officially been handed the certificate of recognition by President Cyril Ramaphosa, at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Saturday.

The King has also acknowledged that are challenges that continue to cause instability in the Royal family but says this will soon be a thing of the past.

Addressing thousands of people at the stadium, he says he’s been encouraged by their support since he took over the throne.

“Upon my entrance into the kraal on the 20th of August, at KwaKhangela Mankengane 2022, I promised to work for you. I uttered those words with confidence knowing that I have your full support and that this journey I walk not all alone, but I walk this journey with you and the rest of the world.”

King MisuZulu says he will forever appreciate the role his late father King Goodwill Zwelithini played in developing the nation. He says he will ensure there is stability within the AmaZulu nation.

“King Goodwill Zwelithini ka BhekuZulu was both the eldest and longest monarch. During his reign, he ensured that the Zulu people. The monarchy is not only an institution for a ceremonial occasion but also an institution of value, contribution to the country’s public service, social cohesion, cultural heritage and economic imperativeness.”

History in the making

eSwatini King Mswati III has hailed as history in the making, the handing over of the certificate to his nephew by Ramaphosa. King Mswati III has also urged the AmaZulu to rally behind their king and ensure unity not only within the Royal family but throughout the AmaZulu nation.

“However the Almighty God has now come forth. For today here is your King and he’s already been coronated. We know that you’ve been going all out to make sure that this day is a success and it all began at the Royal House.”

Rich history

Meanwhile, President Ramaphosa says today marks a rich history that will be taught to generations to come. He has committed to working with the AmaZulu King for the development of the nation and South Africa.

“I’m here to commit my government to working with his Majesty to change the lives of our people and to transform our rural areas into places of development and prosperity. I do so to recognize that our traditional leaders are the true custodians of the cultures, the customers and traditions that make us who we are.”

New Prime Minister?

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi has told King MisuZulu that he may appoint a new Prime Minister. Prince Buthelezi is the Prime Minister of the AmaZulu nation. He says however he is willing to serve until his replacement is found.

He played a major role in sawing divisions that continued to plague the Royal family on the succession, following the departure of King Zwelithini last year.

“I appealed to his father and I appeal to his Majesty today to feel free to appoint his own Prime Minister. Ultimately I’ve peace, for I know that well beyond my lifetime our journey will continue to express through our monarch your Majesty.”

A brief history of the Zulu dynasty by traditional PM Prince Buthelezi

‘Unity is sacrosanct’

Some of the thousands of people who attended the official coronation in Durban believe that the unity of the Zulu nation is sacrosanct.

Fisokwakhe Ndwande and Bright Hlongwane say today’s event is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for them.

“Today I’m so happy this is history in the making I’ve never experienced something like this to celebrate our king’s coronation we are very proud and we are very happy I’m saying Ndabezitha please unify the nation we want to remain united, my message to the Zulu King and the Zulu nation continue being united and the unity of purpose will help the King lead the nation forward to take his subjects to prosperous future.”

Sibongile Nkosi, who is from Mtubatuba, northern KwaZulu-Natal, says has appealed to the new Zulu monarch to ensure his subjects thrive under his reign.

“This is about our culture and we are here to witness the coronation of our King as Zulu nation the message to the King is that he must make sure that we are all united not only the Zulus but the whole whoever is here in KZN we are united and we must also make sure that you know we have communities that are underdeveloped he must take it upon himself that he makes sure people benefit out of his reign.”

Ray Mazibuko, who is from Newcastle, also shares his views on witnessing the event.

“I am a proud Zulu this is one of the greatest moments of our culture. It is the first time in our generation that we see this kind of ceremony I am proud to be here and I am supporting King Misuzulu and I love our nation I wish him all the best I wish that he continues with the respect that we have seen from his father, his father was a very respectful man he loved his nation loved his people all we wish for is that our King respects his nation.”