Kimberley residents tired of empty promises, call for change after elections

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Service delivery in the Northern Cape and the state of municipalities has become a focal point with residents calling for a change.

Community members in Kimberley say they are tired of empty promises made around the time of elections and not fulfilled thereafter.

Elderly residents, who went to cast their ballots at voting stations in Kimberley, say they have been subjected to the lack of water supply, inadequate sanitation, heaps of uncollected waste, and sewage spillages for far too long.

They say politicians promise to change the status quo in their communities but never keep to their word. “We want service delivery from them. The promises that they have been making, they must fulfil them. They must not disappear after the elections.  We have had enough of their empty promises, enough is enough now, “says one of the residents.

Another resident says, “We want to see a change in our lives. Our houses are dilapidated. We’ve been complaining without receiving any help. We want our children to also find employment.”

‘Distressed municipalities’

Political Analyst, Professor André Duvenhage says municipalities in the province are distressed and people should not think elections will “bring about a miracle”.

He says these elections will see new people being elected into different positions but it does not mean there will be immediate changes.

“Sometimes people think that elections will bring about a miracle, but unfortunately this is not the case and this is not going to be the case with this election and also not in the Northern Cape. What an election in a political democracy means is that you have a right to elect a new elite. it is not as if you are going to elect someone and there is going to be an immediate change to unemployment, job creations, etc.”

Meanwhile, the IEC in the Northern Cape says special votes went well and are geared for Monday elections.