Kimberley residents are fuming over the proposed tariff and rate increases. Sol Plaatje Municipality residents accuse local government officials of prioritising revenue over services.
Electricity, water and refuse collection rates will go up by 5.5%, respectively.
The residents say the municipality is only focusing on lining their pockets instead of improving their terrible service delivery.
Dirty streets littered with uncollected refuse with sewage running on the streets. It poses a health hazard to the children playing here. This has caused an uproar.
Residents claim service delivery around the city is deplorable. Some have filed complains which have fallen on deaf ears.

Kimberley residents fume over proposed tariff hikes:

Here are what some of the residents have to say:¬†“It is killing the middle class and the poor because it is almost impossible to afford electricity with what they are getting right now.”
“My complaint is, how are we as the pensioners going to pay for these taxes.”
“Why are the rates going up? How are we going to pay for it? Many people in this area are unemployed and why should we pay when they don’t even deliver services.”
Meanwhile, the Northern Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s, Tasneem Mahomed says, this badly affects both businesses and residents.
“These exorbitant increases with regard to rates and tariffs as imposed by the local municipality on business and the residents of Kimberly have a direct and negative effect within the Kimberly region. Businesses have been struggling to survive and the increase in rates and taxes have been a final blow.”
Electricity increases in 2018 led to a total shutdown in Kimberley and had to be reversed. Residents who are battling to survive worry about the timing of these increases.
Mayor Patrick Mabilo was not available to comment.
Opposition parties concern about the deteriorating state of Sol Plaatje Municipality: