Residents of Homevale in Kimberley are outraged over the constant stench of sewage flowing in the area. They complain they have been living under such dire circumstances for more than a year. Earlier this year, an angry community took to the streets calling on the Sol Plaatje municipality to fix the leaking pipes.

John Baadjies doesn’t remember the last time he opened his windows for fresh air. The 46-year-old’s street has turned into a pool of sewage.

“We open our windows about seven months ago, because of the bugs and the mosquitoes and even the smell is unbearable, even during the night, you can’t sleep,” says  Baadjies.

Residents say the stench has become part of their daily lives and  they’re worried about their health.

“The stench is so thick that is going into everyone’s houses. There are children here, they are children playing around the sewage and we keep telling them not to do it. This is affecting all of us,” added another resident, Dimitri Booysen.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality admits the city has sewerage network problems.

“The situation is quite bad in that particular area… We have been going there several times but quite frankly, I think it needs more attention. We will definitely be upping our game in terms of really ensuring that the community there really gets better treatment,” says municipality spokesperson, Sello Matsie.

The municipality says they upgraded the Homevale Sewage Treatment Works in the past and will have to upgrade again.