Two North West children die from suspected food poisoning

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Two children aged 2 and 10 from Brits, North West, have died after they allegedly ate contaminated food.

According to police spokesperson Sabatha Mokgwabone, a 32-year-old woman prepared a meal for her family and three of her neighbours’ children. An ambulance was called early the next morning when some of the children started vomiting.

One of the children was declared dead at their home while the other died in hospital.

Mokgwabone says the woman who cooked the food and two of the children were taken to hospital.

“All family members and their neighbours’ three children ate the meal and everybody went to sleep. The investigation into the matter including collection and testing of food samples is still underway.”

Recently, there have been a number of incidents across the country where children have been ill as a result of the consumption of contaminated food.

There have been increasing concerns about food poisoning incidents across the country: