Khoisan urged to take part in parliamentary processes

Khoisans outside Union and Buildings
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The government has advised the seven members of the Khoisan community camping at the Union Buildings to take advantage of the parliamentary processes that are currently underway regarding their concerns.

The seven have been camping on the lawns of the Union Buildings in Pretoria since the end of November.

Among their demands is their own independent state, recognition of their language and removal of the word “coloured” in all forms of government matters. Government says progress has been made on demands first presented in December 2017.

But Chief Khoisan SA says their patience is wearing thin, “We’ve also said we want to engage with government, but we’ve also said if needs be, we will declare war against the government if it does not adhere. But it will be negative for government and for the people because a lot of people will die if there’s war. So we are ready in any way.”
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